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I chose Zenfolio as a place to display and sell my work for two reasons; they have the highest image quality out of all the comparable sites and they partner with Mpix for selling prints. I have used Mpix extensively and have always been very impressed with the quality of their product. You can be assured that any orders fulfilled by them will be done so professionally and with stunning results.

Photographers Biography

I was born in Missoula, Montana and have lived in Montana my entire life. I first became interested in photography after borrowing an old Pentax K1000 from my parents when I went to college in Bozeman in the year 2000 to study engineering. I didn't really become passionate about it until traveling through Europe during the summer of 2005 and subsequently working as a mountain bike guide in Chamonix, France in the summer of 2006. My photos reflect a love of nature and mountains but also an effort to capture interesting and beautiful ephemeral moments that would otherwise go unnoticed.

I have done studio photos for Spark R&D and Backcountry Magazine, outdoor photos for the Pollinator Partnership and Beartooth Publishing and have contributed to Bike , Freehub, Bombsnow, Carve, Dirt Rag, The Bozeman Magpie, MBR and Outside Bozeman magazines. I have also contributed photos to Stepping Up: A Local's Guide to the Ridge at Bridger Bowl. I currently use Canon digital cameras and while not taking photos I work as a biomechanical engineer at Mako Surgical.